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Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

How to get to Austria

travel-to-austria-by-train-scenery-landscapeLooking for travelling options from London to Austria? You may want to consider trains as an excellent choice!

Trains are even more comfortable, a lot more enjoyable, and allows an environmentally-friendly way to travel than setting your foot on a plane. High-speed trains have their benefits as they run to city centres and departs from them. Every passenger is happy to save on baggage fees (as trains don’t include ones), on airport taxes (as this is train, obviously). There are no seatbelt signs, no 2-hour check-ins, infants go free. You are able to bring in your favourite drinks. Also, a beautiful landscapes are included. Couldn’t ask for more!

Overnight options for trains from London to Vienna

All you need to do is to catch an Eurostar train from London to Paris in the afternoon, and then look for the marvellous City Night Line sleeper train to Munich. You may want to book a connecting train for the next morning trip to Vienna. Other cities you can go to include Salzburg, Innsbruck, or Graz.

Alternatively, you can think of an afternoon Eurostar train from London to Brussels, then catching a super fast Thalys train to Cologne and the superb sleeper train that leads you to Vienna or Linz, arriving in the morning.

The third option is all about the breathtaking landscapes! London to Zurich by Eurostar & TGV-Lyria trains in just an afternoon and evening. Plan staying there overnight, and taking simply a marvellous Railjet train from Zurich to Austria the very next day. It includes the simply fabulous Arlberg Pass into the Austrian Tirol you don’t want to miss.

London to Viena in a daytime

London to Viena in a daytime is available Mondays-Fridays. Start your trip from London to Brussels by an Eurostar train. Depart from London station St Pancras at 06:49 and arrive at Brussels Midi at 10:06. You may want to get off quickly due to a relatively tight connection and use the Couloir Sud short cut between platforms. Your next trip starts in Brussels and leads to Frankfurt. You will travel by a very high-speed ICE train that departs from Brussels Midi at 10:25. You will arrive at Frankfurt’s (Main) Hbf Hauptbahnhof at 13:24. The final train departs from Frankfurt and gets you to Vienna. This one is the super fast ICE train that departs from Frankfurt (Main) Hbf at 14:15 and leads to a beautiful city of Vienna at 21:08.

Booking your tickets from London to Austria

It’s easy to buy train tickets from anywhere in the UK to simply anywhere in Austria. Booking online saves you some money. For your tickets, you may want to check www.loco2.com and www.eurostar.com. For tickets from London to Cologne, please visit the Belgian Railways site found at www.b-europe.com. You may also want to book the Cologne-Vienna EuroNight train at the Austrian railways website www.oebb.at. For trips from from Paris to Munich, you may want to check the German Railways website and book tickets at www.bahn.de.