Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

Can I bring my dog on a walking holiday with me?

You are welcome to bring your dog on all of our self-guided walking holidays in the UK. Tour agencies will book dog-friendly accommodation and give you notes about taking your dog on a walking holiday. Then simply follow your route cards, maps and local information to complete your holiday as you see fit.

Unfortunately we don’t recommend taking your dog overseas to Alpine walking holidays – while in some cases there are no restrictions on dogs on the ground, the difficulties and stresses of taking dogs abroad make it unworkable. If you are already on the continent, of course, then that’s a different matter!

Keep in mind that not all walks are suitable for dogs due to the amount of stiles, and certain times of the year may not be recommended because of calving, the presence of seal pups and ground nesting birds. There will be extra expenses at the accommodation (a cleaning charge), at the transportation (a dog bag), etc. So, think twice before taking your best friend on a walking holiday with you.