Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

How to get to Germany

From London to Germany in just 2 hours? Check – easily done! You can travel to Germany by a high speed Eurostar train from London to Brussels, from which you can switch to even more destinations, i.e. from Brussels to Cologne in 1 hour 57 minutes by a high-speed Thalys or a high-speed ICE train, then use a marvellous ICE train to get from Cologne to almost anywhere in Germany. There are many regional trains that link Cologne with Düsseldorf, Essen, Bochum & Dortmund. Germany Thailand

Travel to Berlin by Train

german ice train travel ticketsFirst, afternoon departure. Eurostar trains features high-speed and depart from London station called St Pancras and arrives in Berlin as much as 5 or 10 times per day. You will get to Germany for £39 or €59, using a morning Eurostar to Brussels, a high-speed Thalys or ICE train to Cologne, then Germany’s exclusive high-speed InterCity Express (ICE) onwards to Berlin. The ICE is one of the German Railways, travelling at up to 280km/h (175 mph). The newest ICE2s trains are ready with a cafe-bar and restaurant that serve regular meals. Breakfast there may cost around £8, a three-course meal featuring beer is from £25.

Second, overnight departure. You can start your trip in London and arrive in Paris by Eurostar, departing from London station called St Pancras at 15:31. You will arrive at Paris Nord at 18:47. You may also catch a 16:01 Eurostar on Fridays, and this will arrive at Paris Nord at 19:17.  The distance between Gare du Nord to the Gare de l’Est stations is just ten minutes by foot. This will be your next station for the late evening. You will be able to catch this City Night Line train. This Perseus sleeper train departs from Paris Gare de l’Est every day at 20:04 and arrives in Hanover at 06:30 and Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 08:27 the next morning. You can expect the Perseus to have lots of couchettes, sleepers and, of course, ordinary seats.

Third, Tickets called London Spezial. These include: Eurostar from London to Brussels, a switch to an excellent local ICE train to Cologne and catch an onward train to your final destination anywhere in Germany, all switches on one single ticket that starts at €59 each way 2nd class or €109 1st class. The website of German Railways opens London Spezial booking 90 days before departure. Just a reminder: on www.bahn.de you need to enter Brussels South Stn in the ‘via’ field and either 01:00 or 02:00 in the ‘stopover’ field to make the website to look for the ICE connection and good fares for London Spezial. One link set up for you: www.reiseauskunft.bahn.de.

London Spezial. Times available when departing from London to Brussels:

06:50 Mondays-Fridays
08:58 Sundays
10:58 Mondays-Saturdays
19:34 Mon-Fri, 19:04 Sat, 20:04 Sun (usually the cheapest departure, and requires a night in Brussels)
19:34 Mon-Fri, 19:04 Sat, 20:04 Sun

London Spezial. Times available when departing from Brussels to London:

06:47 any day
10:47 on weekdays
10:47 on Saturdays
10:47 on Sundays

Travel to Frankfurt by Train

You may want to plan your trip starting London and arriving in Frankfurt either via Paris or via Brussels. These two routes usually involve just a single switch of train, from Eurostar to a fascinating German ICE high-speed train, and both routes do offer relatively cheap fares if you book in advance. You can make a switch Paris, which involves a 10-minute walk between Paris Nord and Paris Est. The second one requires an easy switch in Brussels at the same-station.