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Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

General Info about Italy

italyItaly is one of the most sought after holiday destinations on the planet; and because of its beautiful vineyards, olive groves, towns and villages, more and more people travel to Italy each year to see what is on offer. Not only the regions are beautiful and residents are friendly, but the food! It’s amazing! The cuisine has distinct regional features and seasonal variations.

For example, Tuscan cooking is very simple, has fresh flavours and uses local produce. The further south you head, the more the dishes become heavier and more complex with more spice. Together with delicious meal, enjoy world famous Italian wine. Start every morning with a cup of aromatic espresso.

If you’ll get tired of walking, but still wish to see gorgeous Italian places, there is a good network of train, planes, boats, autostrade (freeways) and buses. You can’t miss chance to see Italy and write it on the top list of things to do at least once in a lifetime.

All in all, Italy has something for everyone and the walker gets to see parts of this spectacularly pretty country that many tourists do not.

Weather in Italy

In general, Italy has a temperate Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and cool winters in the north and hot summers and mild winters in the south. It’s because of a hot wind from Africa that brings high temperatures to southern and central parts of Italy and it’s colder in the north due to the high Alps mountains. In some winter days the temperature there can be below 0°, whereas in Sicily it will be 18°, so in the south you‘ll barely find a house with central heating. However, if you can’t stand the heat, we recommend you not to come in July and August. It’s the hottest months in Italy, especially in the south, and there are a lot of tourists.

The best time for visiting Italy

italyfoodSo, when is the best time to visit Italy then? If you wish to see the most famous places uncrowded and have no problems in finding a stay at the tourist resorts, visit Italy during off-peak times. That would be all time of the year, except July and August, Christmas and Easter holidays. Moreover, you’ll find lower prices, less or no queues, the personnel is more relaxed and can serve you better. If you love to ski or go trekking to the snow-covered mountains, then choose time from January to March. Then there is more snow and daylight, so you can stay outside longer. If you prefer cities, countryside and seaside, they are less hot in spring and late summer/autumn. Actually, the best way to see amazing Italian landscapes in a different season. It won’t be the same and you’ll be a nice surprise for you to see the variation of the same beloved region.

What currency is in Italy?

Italy belongs to the European Union and it has euro as national currency. So, don’t forget to exchange your money to euros before going to Italy, or just grab a credit card with you. Although you can use a credit card many places, there are times when you will need to get money.

For example, small family-run restaurants, bars, shops, or B&Bs often do not accept credit cards and you cannot use your debit card for direct purchases as you can in your home country. So the cheapest and the best way to get cash in Italy is to use an ATM or debit card at a Bancomat, an Italian ATM machine. However, before you go, check with your bank to find out what they charge for foreign transactions on your ATM card.

Language spoken in Italy

Buongiorno! Benvenuti in Italia! Such phrase, which means ‘Good afternoon! Welcome to Italy!’, you might hear from a friendly native. The official spoken language in Italy is Italian. It’s a beautiful language spoken with the help of gestures. Each true Italian speaks emotionally, using all his body. Italian has a lot of regional dialects.