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Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

How to get to Italy

There is this opportunity to depart from the UK and start enjoying Italy in a single day. The train is your best choice with no regular airport queues. If you are in Europe, please keep in mind that you don’t need to fly to get to Italy! Here are some of already known ways to get to Italy by enjoying scenic views at the same tame.

Travel by train: Milan, Rome, Verona, Venice, and Florence

italy-train-landscapeFirst, morning departure. Your journey begins by travelling from London to your final station Paris by Eurostar at £39, departing from London St Pancras at 09:17 on Monday-Fridays. You will finally arrive at Paris Nord at 12:47. Then you may want to take the high speed TGV train from Paris to Turin or Milan from just £25, arriving in the evening. You are able to choose from staying overnight and continue your journey to Verona, Venice, Florence or Rome in the morning that follows. Italian high-speed trains are available from €29.

Second, overnight departure. This can be found as the most time-effective way to reach any of Italy’s destinations by using a comfy couchette. Take an afternoon Eurostar train departing from London to Paris from £39 one-way. Upon your arrival in Paris, take the overnight Thello sleeper train from there to Milan, Verona or Venice from just €35 including a couchette or from €145 with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper.  You’re in Italy’s favourite destinations by the early morning!

Third, afternoon departure via the Swiss Alps. This may be a little bit more expensive as this journey includes the view of Swiss Alps and, thus, is very scenic and a little bit longer than previous options. If you choose this, please take an Eurostar train from London to Paris in the afternoon. Upon your arrival, catch an evening high-speed Lyria TGV to Zurich and stay overnight. The very next morning, take an Euro City train to from Paris to Milan via the fascinating Gotthard Pass route through the Swiss Alps. If you wish to reach Verona, Venice, Bologna, Rome, or Florence, you may want to change in Milan for an Italian high-speed train to any of these destinations.

Travel by car and Motorail

You are actually able to take your car to Italy. One option is by using one of two popular Motorail trains. One is Dutch, another is German. When in the UK, the first thing you need to do is to cross from Dover to Dunkirk by a car ferry. Upon your arrival to Dunkirk, take a 2 hours 40 minutes’ drive to Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. There is this convenient overnight Dutch Motorail train (www.autoslaaptrein.nl) to Alessandria or Livorno. Please keep in mind and plan your trip accordingly, as this train is being run once a week April to October. Alternatively, you can take a road trip from Dunkirk to Dusseldorf for 3 hours 30 minutes and take an overnight German Motorail (www.dbautozug.de) from there to Alessandria. It is also being run once a week from April to October.