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Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

List of Routes in Italy

Lake Como Walk


When one thinks of Italy one usually associates it with Rome or Venice, but the walking holiday goer gets the opportunity to visit some of the most fascinating and untouched-by-tourism spots in the world. The Classic Lake Como Walk is the perfect example of this. Ancient castles, mediaeval piazze, sun-soaked villas all provide the walker with the historical section of this fun-for-everyone holiday.

The crystal blue Como, cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains rolling down to the lake then all provide the excitement and the thrill factor here in the part of Italy. And the Challenging high level walking; smugglers’ paths, pilgrims’ trails, stepped terraces of olives, cherries and almonds gives the walker that chance to pick up the pace and try harder walking trails but then wind down to explore the old pilgrims trails for another historical element to your walk.

Optional extra nights in Milan, home of high fashion, fine dining, culture and La Scala Opera are also available, for those who want to sample the taste of the modern Italy.

7 night, hotel-to-hotel, self-guided walking.

Day 1 – Arrive in Torno
Day 2 – In Torno: Monte Piatto Walk 10km/6mi/5hr
Day 3 – In Torno: Como and Strada Regia Walk 8km/5mi/3.5hr
Day 4 – Torno to Bellagio 9km/5.5mi/5hr
Day 5 – In Bellagio: Bellagio Circular Walk 10km/6mi/5hr
Day 6 – In Bellagio: Varenna to Bellano 7km/4mi/3hr
Day 7 – In Bellagio: San Benedetto Walk 10km/6mi/4.5hr
Day 8 – Leave Bellagio

What more can the walker ask for than this holiday and what it offer; Beyond exquisite villas, terracotta villages and landscaped gardens gracing the shore, walkers can find secret castles, remote 12th century abbeys and breath-taking viewpoints linked by centuries old pilgrim trails and smugglers’ paths.

Venetian Hills Walk


This Venetian Hills Walk is based in the wonderfully unspoilt Euganean hills, tucked in a quiet corner below the beautiful mediaeval city of Padua, west across the plain from Venice. A perfect ambassador for what Italy has on offer, the untouched green walking country: rolling hills, shady forests, vineyards and olive groves symbolise the Italian countryside.

Amazing array of colourful wild flowers: heather, poppies, wild orchids and Mediterranean maquis cover the Italian floor with the essence of everything one would associate Italy with being and the beautiful smell of the natural world it encompasses. Splendours of Venice, Vicenza, Padua and Este – jewel in the Venetian crown all await you on this holiday.

All of the hotels you stay in will be full of character; lovely friendly people on this superb value-for-money holiday.

The peacefulness of the region holds an eternal appeal as a haven for locals to escape the punishing summer heat of Venice. Venetian nobles built sumptuous villas here – you’ll pass by many on the way, and even stay in one. More recently, the hills have become a National Park so its beauty will never be diminished and clearly way-marked footpaths guide you through with ease.

Day 1 – Arrive in Cortelà
Day 2 – Cortelà/Este 18km/11mi/6hr
Day 3 – In Este
Day 4 – Este/Galzignano 11km/7mi/4hr or 13km/8mi/4.5hr
Day 5 – At Galzignano
Day 6 – Galzignano / Teolo 13km/8mi/4hr
Day 7 – At Teolo
Day 8 – Teolo/Cortelà 11km/7mi/3.5hr or 19km/12mi/5hr
Day 9 – Return home

For a longer tour, why not consider combining this with our Walking in the Italian Dolomites?

Gastronomic Barolo Walk


Walking holidays in part is a time to look at countries in a different light and to visit country as popular with tourists as Italy and find somewhere hidden, somewhere undiscovered by most tourists is a real find. The countryside is a glorious mix of gently rippling, wave-shaped hills cloaked by layers of vines, sunflowers and oak forests, crowned with honey-hued hamlets and imposing Savoy castles for the traditional and historically fascinating does of excitement.

On this Gastronomic Barolo Walk, an independent hotel-to-hotel walking holiday you will explore the beautifully tranquil Langhe region of Piedmont – a gastronomic gem quietly tucked into Italy’s north-western corner.
Here are some things you can expect on your holiday.

• Spectacular walking in undiscovered Italy; vineyard paths, sun-dappled hamlets and Savoy castles for a perfectly traditional point-of-view of the Italian countryside.
• Wonderfully varied hotels: an elegant 18th century villa, a rural retreat and a stunningly converted village town house, because we want you to get the most out of your stay.
• Panoramic swimming pools 4 nights out of 8.
• What else would you expect from a ‘Gastronomic Walk’ than excellent cuisine? -Prepared with passion and pride – washed down with world famous wines.
• Visit the beautiful village of Barolo – taste ‘the king of wines’

8 night, hotel-to-hotel, self-guided walking.

Day 1 – Arrive at Benevello
Day 2 – Benevello to Grinzane Cavour 10km/7mi/3.5hr
Day 3 – At Grinzane Cavour
Day 4 – Grinzane Cavour to Castiglione Falletto 12km/7mi/4hr
Day 5 – At Castiglione Falletto
Day 6 – Castiglione Falletto to Monforte d’Alba 8km/2hr or 11km/4hr
Day 7 – At Monforte d’Alba
Day 8 – Monforte d’Alba to Benevello 13km/8mi/5hr
Day 9 – Leave Benevello