Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

Regions of Italy

You’ll be spoiled for choice: from perennial glaciers and pine trees to nearly tropical beaches and palm trees, from skiing resorts to sunbathing and sailing. For walking you may choose historical places, big cities or a relaxing walk in a little village up on a mountain or a hill.


Italy is divided into regions, provinces and municipalities. There are 20 regions of Italy and 15 of them are washed by the sea.

In the North, the mountain range of the Alps separates Italy from the other European countries France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. There you can climb to the highest mountain of Italy the Monte Bianco, better known as Mont Blanc, which is 4,807 m. There are many long and deep lakes in the North of Italy to admire. Below the Alps the country flattens in the Po Valley. The Po is Italy’s longest river. The Apennines are another big mountain range which go all along the boot and separate the East and the West of the country.

In the South of Italy you will find Italy’s three active volcanoes: Vesuvius near Naples, Etna on Sicily and Stromboli off the Coast of Italy.

Italy was unified only in 1861 and before then it was divided into many kingdoms and republics, each with its own administration, currency, language and many traditions .This explains why, even today, the traditions, the customs, the food, the wine, dialects and accents, even the natural landscapes and architectural do vary greatly from region to region. Nowadays, we can testify this fact and visit two the world’s smallest countries inside Italy. These are San Marino in Northern Italy, the oldest republic in the world and Vatican City in Rome, the smallest country in the world. Vatican City is led by the Pope and is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, led by the Pope.


Along with the visit of these tiny countries in Italy, you should definitely go and see the Coliseum in Rome, cross Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, swim in gondolas in Venice, make a photo with the leaning tower of Pisa, excavate the ancient city of Pompeii on the foot of volcano Vesuvius near Naples, and finally chill in the countryside with lovely towns and villages in Tuscany region. There is so much to do and to see in Italy that you’ll have to take a month vacation to explore the beauty of Italian nature, culture and history. Prepare yourself to be fascinated by the changing terrain of Italy regions and definitely taste mouthwatering Italian food.