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Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

Accommodation in Spain

If you’ve decided to go on a pilgrimage in Spain or just to travel on foot and don’t want to spend fortunes for overnight accommodation, then the best opportunity is to stay at pilgrim’s hostels with beds in dormitories, which are located on the common routes and providing overnight accommodation for pilgrims who has a credencial. Credencial is a document, purchased for a few euros from Spanish tourist agency or a church on a route. It gives an inexpensive, sometimes free, overnight stay in refugios (pilgrim’s hostel in Spain).


There are also Spanish hostels – known as albergues – usually cost between 5 and 10 euros per night per bed, although a few hostels known as donativos operate on voluntary donations. In such hostels pilgrims are usually limited to one night’s accommodation and are expected to leave by eight in the morning to continue their pilgrimage. They may be run by the local parish, the local council, private owners, or pilgrims’ associations. Occasionally these refugios are located in monasteries, such as the one run by monks in Samos, Spain and the one in Santiago de Compostela.

Another way to spend your walking holiday in Spain without rushing to leave your accommodation but not overpaying for it is to rent a self-catering studio or an apartment. It’s a great deal if you are traveling with your family and you come back from your walking trip to the same destination. Of course, the price depends on a Spanish region, in which you’ll be staying; however, it starts from only 20 euros. For this price you might get a cozy room with a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen, a terrace, and even a shared pool outside.

To feel the real Spanish spirit and taste a true Spanish cuisine, book a room in a rural guesthouse or a country hotel. From 50 euros you’ll get not only a great place to stay but also to taste a great Spanish breakfast. Such accommodation type may also offer Spanish language courses for beginners, bikes for rent, guitar lessons and so on. So, don’t miss a chance and visit Spanish little towns, such as beautiful Montefrio between Granada and Cordoba.

However, if such types of accommodation don’t fit you, you can travel from hotel-to-hotel on foot. Spain can offer many types of hotels: from B&B to 5 star hotels. And if you’re too busy to look for a hotel to stay, and the best route to find, then just trust yourself to one of dozens travelling companies, which will arrange a route for you, book a standard and higher grade hotel options on your way to the destination, according to your wish, will organize self-guided or a guided group walking tour, and will transfer your luggage for you to the next hotel to make your walking holiday as pleasant as it can be.

So, pick the best accommodation offer and enjoy your walking vacation in Spain.