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Walking & Hiking Route Search

Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

List of Routes in Spain

Agres – Cava de Don Miguel


Have a walk from Agres to Cava de Don Miguel in Valencia district.

A moderate walk for 10 km from the charming little town of Agres to a refuge just below the old castle and convent.

On your way to imposing ice house Cava de Don Miguel, you‘ll pass a rocky footpath, and on your way back to Agres you‘ll have a scenic ridge walk eastwards, which brings you to a wide track to pass other ice houses, including the emblematic Cava Gran.

starting point: Agres
route length: 10 km
highlights: Agres town, a refuge, ancient castle, convent, ice house, Cava de Don Miguel, Cava Gran, rocky footpath.
finish point: from Cava de Don Miguel back to Agres

Canal de la Espartera


Try a moderately challenging walk of 14km, with an accumulated height gain of well over 500 metres over the course of the route – Canal de la Espartera at the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

You’ll see a variation of nature: from the dusty, arid slopes of Trevenque mountain to the lush vegetation and crashing waterfalls of the Dilar valley. This circle path is an official walking route, so it will be very well signposted. It’s better to go there in spring or autumn, as snow in winter is a potential problem on the higher sections of the route and summer heat will increase the difficulty of climbing.

The route starts near Fuente del Hervidero, a traditional country restaurant on the edge of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, accessed from La Zubia, a satellite town of Granada.

starting point: Fuente del Hervidero restaurant at the Sierra Nevada Natural Park
route length: 14 km
highlights: the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, Trevenque mountain, waterfall, Dilar valley, Fuente del Hervidero restaurant.
finish point: Fuente del Hervidero restaurant at the Sierra Nevada Natural Park

Olive Oil Greenway


Andalucía has beautiful scenery of olive plantations, beaches and mountains. There is everything what you wanna see in Spain on foot.

Step on the Olive Oil Greenway path and you will have an unforgettable walking holiday. The route sets out from the city of Jaén. The actual starting point is in the west of the city at the Fuentezuelas sports centre. The main part of the route takes a disused Spanish railway line that once transported olives to the coast from Andalucía’s mountains. The shortest greenway route is 11 km and it finishes at Torredelcampo station. On your way to this destination you’ll pass long, curved tunnels, such as the Caballico tunnel of 333m long, the metal bridges, the endless olive groves.

starting point: Fuentezuelas sports centre, Jaén
route length: 11 km
highlights: Olive Oil Greenway, Fuentezuelas sports centre, a disused Spanish railway line, olive groves, the Caballico tunnel, the Piedra del Águila bridge, Torredelcampo station.
finish point: Torredelcampo station