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List of Routes in Spain

Caldera Bandama


As you know, Canary and Balearic Islands also belong to Spain. So, if you are willing to have a holiday on one of these islands, here are so walking paths on them.

On the Gran Canaria island there is a volcanic crater Caldera Bandama. A path, leading to the bottom f it with a deserted farm, is interesting but challengeable to go back the same way. So, the best path is around the rim of crater as it has excellent views and an opportunity to admire it from every angle. Much of the walk is on a narrow path with a steep drop on one or both sides. A short stretch leads across a narrow ridge of volcanic ash. You can reach this volcanic crater by public transport from Las Palmas city.

starting point: Caldera Bandama
route length: 4 km
highlights: Las Palmas bus station, public transport, a volcanic crater, a deserted farm, a narrow path.
finish point: Caldera Bandama