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Walking Across Europe is superb so get on your walking boots to see the region at its very best and really get away from it all.

How to get to Switzerland

travel-to-switzerland-by-train-scenery-landscapeIf you think that you need to a plane to get to Switzerland – please, think again! In fact, there’s an availability to leave London at lunchtime and be in Switzerland in the same evening.

London in the afternoon, Switzerland in the evening

Trains even more comfortable, more beautiful and enjoyable, and allows an environmentally-friendly way to travel than setting your foot on a plane. High-speed trains have their benefits as they run to city centres and departs from them. Every passenger is happy to save on baggage fees (as trains don’t include ones), on airport taxes (as this is train, obviously). There are no seatbelt signs, no 2-hour check-ins, infants go free. You are able to bring in your favourite drinks. Also, a beautiful landscapes are included. Couldn’t ask for more!

It’s truly affordable to travel from London to Switzerland by train. Catch an Eurostar train from London to Paris (travel time is 2h20) from £39, then a high-speed TGV-Lyria from just £21 from Paris to Geneva (3h05), Bern, Basel (3h03), Lausanne (3h39), or Zurich (4h03).

London to Basel or Zurich starts at £62 one-way, £115 return, city centre to city centre, no baggage fees, no check-in fees, no extra to pay to travel to and from airports, a journey for chilling out not stressing out.  The TGVs from Paris to Basel & Zurich are run by Lyria, a consortium of the French and Swiss national railways.

You can also relax in first class from £60.

Booking your tickets from London to Paris to Switzerland

It’s easy to buy train tickets from anywhere in the UK to simply anywhere in Switzerland. Booking online saves you some money. For your tickets, you may want to check www.loco2.com and www.eurostar.com. TGV from Paris to Switzerland can also be booked at www.capitainetrain.com. Alternatively, there’s a possibility to book from Paris to anywhere in Switzerland using the Swiss Railways site found at www.sbb.ch.

Booking is also easily done from any railway station in the UK! Not just from London. They add a ticket from your local station to London International CIV, which enables you to travel to London St Pancras (including the Underground if you need it). Also, it even offers the protection of the CIV international conditions of carriage. That being said, if your UK train is delayed and you miss your Eurostar, you are actually entitled to travel on a later one even if you have a non-changeable ticket.

It’s highly recommended that you choose an upper deck seat on a double-decker TGV Duplex. It guarantees you an exclusive upstairs seat in TGV-Lyria trains for the best views. These trains now operate most Paris-Geneva services & a couple of Paris-Basel-Zurich departures. www.loco2.com allows you to choose from upper and lower deck.